Who We Are

Dr. & Mrs. Childs

The M & K Childs Foundation was started in 2007 by Dr. Michael Childs and his wife Kristin Childs. As a physician and surgeon Dr. Childs' goal has been to help people. For several years he had taken on that task by himself. He found that due to government regulations and limitations on access to health care many still go without from lack of funds. He also found that he was away from home for often times 18-20 hours per day doing surgery or clinics “pro bono.” Mrs. Childs and their 7 kids were suffering. So the foundation was created to bring the Childs family together to work unitedly. It would also be a vehicle where Dr. Childs could expand from a single person doing the volunteering to hundreds of people providing for others.

There are many people in need, and our resources are small in comparison. We have also found that although it is nice to provide for others, it is equally as important to teach and inspire others how to provide for themselves. A wise man once said “Give a man a fish and he will be back for more, but teach a man to fish and he will never go hungry.”

That being said, though health care is near and dear to Dr. Childs as a surgeon, and we still try and provide free clinics and education classes to those in need, we also look a little deeper and try and help people in many ways to have self worth which we believe will help them become more productive and inspired to provide for themselves and others. The Childs Foundation has been helping people since 2007, But the Childs family has been working to this end since 1999

We hope that you will join us as resources are always limited. If you could volunteer funds or time, it would be greatly appreciated. If there is a project in your area that you would like to spear head, please contact us with the details. We meet in  October to discuss projects upcoming that we would like to tackle over the next year.

Many say “What goes around comes around”. We see it as “What comes around goes around”. When people are nice to you, it creates a willing heart which is nice to others. The M & K Childs Foundation is a vehicle for nurturing and inspiring people to become more productive. Thank you for your interest in the Michael & Kristin Childs Foundation – Making the world better one step at a time.