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Foundation Funds Connie's Knee-Scooter
Connie, has been struggling with open wounds on her feet and facing doctors weekly expecting that she remain wheelchair bound so that pressure could be removed from her feet to allow healing. She also has an 8 year old daughter that she must care for on top of fighting other complications of diabetes including early blindness, and kidney failure on dialysis. The wounds on her feet and being placed in a wheel chair was too much. The wounds worsened and she was facing amputation of the leg. The Childs Foundation purchased a knee-scooter so that she could move around her home and take care of her daughter while keeping pressure off of her feet. When the knee-scooter was given to her Connie broke into tears saying that her mother told her to pray and God would provide.


Foundation Matches Rafael's Team Donation
Rafael has been playing for one of the elite soccer clubs in Sacramento with hopes of going to college and making a better life for himself. He was also holding down a part time job and going to high school when his father was struck with cancer and passed away in the middle of the season. The club found him delinquent on his payements and he was going to be expelled from the team. The Childs Foundation assisted with bringing his dues up to date by matching donations from his team members.

Foundation Works with Local Scouts
The Childs Foundation worked with young boys in the Boy Scouts and provided health care for the homeless. The boys came away with great appreciation for their blessings and the sense of accomplishment for helping the homeless. The homeless in downtown Sacramento were provided with free foot and dental exams. They were given advice on how to better care for themselves in their current condition, as well as care packages of socks, and items of personal hygiene. We thank all those who assisted in making this event successful.

The Childs Foundation is pleased that they have been fortunate enough to help these individuals face the struggles in their life and be a part of providing inspiration in the communities around these individuals in nurturing them back to be a more productive part of society. Thanks to all of you for caring enough to help.