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Grant Guidelines

Michael & Kristin Childs Foundation

General Information The Michael & Kristin Childs Foundation  was established in 2008 with an initial donation from Michael and Kristin Childs and received its principal assets from this estate also in 2008. Since that time tens of thousands of dollars have been donated annually to help in our mission to nurture self-worth and productivity in our community and internationally.


Funding Priorities The selection of funding areas has recently been a major focus of study by the board. Health, Education, and Wellness are three areas that the board has focused efforts of the foundation with Projects focusing on assisting those individuals and communities who suffer from the complications of Diabetes. The board has selected certain international communities linked to local Sacramento individuals where Health, Education, and Wellness have been lacking as well as certain local individuals in our own community.


The board has historically considered some cultural grants and special projects but these are primarily initiated by the Members. This enables us also to remain flexible during changing times.


Requirements for Application The Michael and Kristin Childs Foundation does not have application forms. We ask that all applicants submit a short letter of inquiry describing their agency and its history, what they wish to accomplish and how they want to do it. All inquiries will receive a response, either with an explanation for the denial or with the request for a full proposal.


Only when an applicant has been invited to send a proposal, the following information should be included:


An introduction describing:

 1. The need for project.

 2. The plan and execution of the activities proposed.

 3. The reasons for expectation of success and how success will be measured.

 4. Required staff and their qualifications.

 5. The life of the project and how it should develop and grow.

 The budget:

 1. Dollar amount requested and total cost of the project in detail.

 2. Funding received to date and list of funders being solicited.

 3. Estimated future costs and funding schedule anticipated; one, two or three years.


Support materials:

 1. 501(c)(3) documentation.

 2. List of names of the governing board, and their community involvement.

 If the application is being considered by the Foundation, a staff visit to the agency or project site will be arranged. Application review and final decision may require as long as four months to complete. All grantees will be required to provide narrative and expense reports.

 Because of limited resources and the large number of requests, The Michael & Kristin Childs Foundation will focus any funds on our current projects and consider others only when funds become available. The Foundation tends not to make grants for Diabetes education &  Health, General education, & overall Wellness of a community. Only tax-exempt, charitable organizations and public institutions will be funded; no financial grants are awarded to individuals though individuals may benefit from grants.